MCPVP/Brawl – (Company, Many works, 2013-2016)


From 2013 until 2016 I worked for both MCPVP (short for MinecraftPVP) and Brawl as contractor.
Using the alias ThaRedstoner, I helped provide gaming servers based on Minecraft.

A post from the MCPVP community, youtuber/artist duo Noodledew & Doodledew

I got hired because I made a mod for the game that was quite popular, providing a simple interface to play on MCPVP with, at peak over 16000 downloads for my MCPVP Mod made it the most visibly used mod.

In the start, my primary jobs were fixing bugs, and creating kits, basically a role the player could choose, with a unique ability/starting items, which were released/sold weekly. Over time, I worked on several different projects which are still in use today on Brawl, such as the Hardcore Games, MinecraftBuild, CTF.

In the later years (2015-2016), my jobs shifted mostly to hooking more deeply into Minecraft’s native code and internal working. Because of this, I also specialized in hack detection, starting a project to replace our current hack detection and create a reliable and tweakable replacement.

I made this happen by collecting user metrics and setting up formulas/graphs based on “correct” behaviour, while constantly grading players to that formula. Using feedback systems, players would gain a predicition based on a combination of all recent relevant test results, and if they crossed a threshold, they would be banned.

A Stickman Reality – (Company, VR Experience, 2017-2018)

In August 2017 until January 2018 I worked as an intern for ImproVive, where I designed and programmed a VR experience for the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows MR, built in Unity. I worked together narrowly with an artist and received direct feedback from the product owner.

The experience revolves around the player being in a room, where slowly stickmen are finding their way into reality. First on your TV, then on the wall, and eventually into 3D.

The goal is for the player to experience the story. But during that a lot of things in the game are intractable, for instance during a scene you receive a paintbrush which you can use to paint a wall, or you can punch stickmen and they’ll fall down.

You can see the trailer here:

Java2hu – (Personal Project, Game, 2014-2015)


Java2hu is a fan-game based on the Touhou Project series, written in Java.
It was first built on (simpler) 2D library Slick2D, but rewritten later on a better 3D library, LibGDX.
This was a great learning experience for me, as I made this before I started my studies.
It exposed me to very low level game API’s and taught me things like GLSL, OpenGL.
Sadly, the project was discontinued after about a year of programming, as I had to focus on studies, and with my newer knowledge, my older ways were outdated.



A small side project related to this; a visualizer based on Hopalong fractals, used on music from the game mine was based on:


The entire process and a lot more videos of the game can be can be found on my Youtube channel.


Project Outrun – (Group School Project, Game, 2016 Q3)


A group project made with 4 others, over the course of 3 weeks.
The game is a physics based escape racer, where the goal is to outrun an apocalypse coming for you.
The track the player drives on is semi-random, tracks are generated at the start of the game depending on difficulty.
My job was lead programmer, and my contributions include the track randomization, lua implementation & scripting, car movement/rendition.
As well as overseeing the entire compilation of all the work of the other members into the final product.




Code Example:
The car is made up of a rigid body and a model, the state of the rigid body is projected onto the model.
The car is turned according to the normal of the road below it.

Download (Installer)

Shadow Step – (Solo School Project, Game, 2016 Q2)


A game made for a course introducing me to Unity, built bit by bit over 6 weeks.
This game is mostly my own work (excluding the audio), most graphics are mashes of fractals and image effects, and usually very simple anyways. Also the first project that I experimented with Shaders in Unity.










Code Example:
Create a path based on a movement vector, that can be flipped and rotated by 45 degrees (This is what the player uses to select where to go).


Barca Cornea – (School Group Project, Game, 2016 Q1)


A school project created in two weeks. My job was Lead Programmer, taking care of most of the mechanics.
Overal a very good project, and a great introduction to physics based games.












Code Example:
Loading a level from a Tiled (a level editor) file, finding the boat placed there by the level editor.